30 Days of NFT Tech

Welcome to 30 Days of NFT Tech, a course written by afoxinweb from Token Page in collaboration with ZenAcademy. This email series was inspired by ZenAcademy's original 30 days of NFTs and created as an advanced follow on to help you jump into the more technical side of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).These emails will take your understanding about NFTs to the next level. The world of NFTs and Web3 is new and fascinating, and armed with knowledge from both of these courses you'll have a deeper understanding than most on this space.We'll send you a new topic each day for 30 days. By the end, you will know about Smart Contracts, Blockchain, Consensus, and a host of other important technical concepts that underpin NFTs!Get ready to learn more and deepen your understanding as we dive deeper into this incredibly exciting world of NFTs and Web3 together! 🤩-A Fox in Web3